16 - 21 April 2024

Cornalia Palace, Milan

November, 30 2023, H-FARM campus Roncade (TREVISO)

Day of awareness and fun on road safety, with 800 students and large guests at the H-FARM campus.

During the day, the winner of the first edition of the Fair Play Motomorphosis Award will be announced, an award that rewards public figures who have distinguished themselves for educational gestures of altruism, respect for the rules or sharing.

The moderator of the event will be Striscia La Notizia correspondent Moreno Morello and many well-known personalities will be present together with the city institutions, in addition to the participation of the Traffic Police and the Carabinieri.

January 2018 - Welcome to the new partner Mollificio Lombardo S.p.A.

December 2017 - Welcome to MenikiniIndustrial sanitizing whit ecological dry steam and Twist Eco Car Wash new partner Motomorphosis

November 2017 - We will present at the Bologna Motorshow. Our new partner for road coexistence.

December 2017 - We will present at the Bologna Motorshow. Our new partner for road coexistence.

November 2017 - We will present at the Bologna Motorshow. Our new partner for road coexistence.

April 2017 - Thanks to the Motofalchi who, among their 120 members (representatives of the State Police, Local Police, Fire and ATM) share our passion for road coexistence with education.

March 2017 - Welcome Casati stampi new Motomorphosis partner.

October 2016 - Welcome Nolostand Fiera Milano.
Exclusive Motomorphosis exhibitions technical partner.

Sotheby's will be our charity auction partner next 9 November during the opening night.
Ivri will be our partner for day and night surveillance during the entire exhibition with EICMA from the 8th to the 13th of November at the Triennale and will also watch over the motoparades in upcoming events.
Confezioni Andrea” will be our partner for the motorbike’s cover.
Thanks to all for the enthusiasm with which they have joined our journey.

September 2016 - The educational and formative journey that will start in the schools in October will also have among its technical partners Burgo Distribuzione and SANDRA packaging who share our commitment.

July 2016 - Here are the first 8 artists who sustain Motomorphosis and that will share their creativity to help the fundraising in November during the week at the Triennale in Milan. Willow, Max Papeschi, Domenico Pellegrino, Domenico Marranchino, Tom Porta, Felipe Cardena, Rutger van der Velde.

July 2016 - Moto Factory Italia weds Motomorphosis’ ideas project. a Made in Italy excellence holding that integrates it’s many synergies also in Social and educational field with Us. Training, enthusiasm and culture to be transmitted all together.

May 2016 - The national and international logistics will be handled exclusively by DB Schenker. All events will then as a partner for the handling of the motorcycle Schenker Italian S.p.A., name by which DB Schenker operates in Italy and we thank them for their support.

From the month of May 2016 it is an honor and a pleasure to count, amongst the institutions that support Motomorphosis, the Carabinieri. The sponsorship received will guarantee the values conveyed by our association.

"GuardiAMOci": an installation by Pistoletto to promote road coexistence
from 14 June to 14 August 2016,
XXI Triennial International Exhibition